Repairing My Roof

Looking For The Point Of Entry Of A Roof Leak

If you have experienced an area within your home where water is leaking, you will want to take the necessary steps in finding out exactly where it is getting through your roof. Finding the exact spot to make a repair can be a bit tricky if you have a sloped roof. Water can enter above the area where it penetrates through to your home's interior. Here are some steps you can take in finding the exact location of the water's point of entry so you can make the appropriate repairs.

Check Your Attic

You may be able to better pinpoint the area where a roof is leaking by taking a look at the ceiling inside your attic. Look for areas where the wood appears dark due to standing water on the opposite side. This will give you an idea of where to start searching for deteriorating shingles on the roof opposite the leak.

Empty Your Gutters

If there is standing water inside your gutter system, it can make its way underneath the bottom layer of shingles directly above it. This may cause water to drip along the wall inside your home. Remove any debris inside your gutters and redirect the standing water to the downspout. Peel back the bottom layer of shingles and check that the roofing paper underneath is dry. If you notice wet portions, allow them to dry in the sun then evaluate to make sure there are no pin holes or cracks in the paper or shingles. Replace if necessary.

Clean Off The Surface

If debris sits on top of a rooftop for an extended period, it will contribute to shingle damage. Sticks, leaves, or other debris will allow water to pool, making the shingles underneath more likely to become ruined due to over-saturation. Get up on your rooftop to remove all debris so you will better see which areas are in need of repair.

Evaluate The Rooftop

If the attic and gutters don't lead you to the spot where water is getting in, you will need to aggressively tackle the rest of the rooftop in a search for deterioration. Bring a garden hose up to the roof and have a friend stand in your home in the area where you had observed water leakage. Set the hose down with the water running and have your friend yell out to you if they notice water coming inside. Move the hose every five to ten minutes, eliminating areas where decay may be present as a result. When the leakage is noted, you can check the shingles in that area.

Look Around Fixtures

The areas around a protrusion such as a chimney, vent, or skylight, is usually more prone to leaking since there are seams where water can get in easier. Check the flashing around all fixtures to see if it is intact or rusted. Replace with new pieces if necessary. If you see any crumbled or curled shingles around these areas, replace them with new ones to avoid water damage problems. For more information, contact companies like Acron Shingling.