Repairing My Roof

4 Signs Your Shingles Are Completely Worn Out

You don't necessarily have to call up a roofing contractor to inspect your roof in order to determine if your shingles are worn out. Here are a few easy ways to tell on your own if your shingles are getting worn out and need to be replaced soon.

Your Shingles Are Getting Old

Your roof is not made to last forever. Eventually, your shingles are going to start wearing out. Different roofing materials have different life expectancies based on average estimated weather conditions over multiple years.

Most asphalt shingles are designed to last between fifteen to eighteen years and architectural asphalt shingles are designed to last between twenty-four to thirty years. If you are starting to hit those time spans, you need to start paying closer attention to your roof.

Remember, these are just averages. If you have had really mild weather in your area, your roof may last longer than average. If you have been hit with a lot of severe weather over the years, your shingles may wear out more quickly.

Sometimes, the shingles on your roof with age unevenly. If part of your roof faces directly to the south, all that extra sunlight can break down your shingles on the south side of your house faster than the other sides of your house.

Your Shingles Are Changing Shape

As your shingles start to get worn out, they change shape. If your edges of your shingles are starting to curl up, or are already curled up all over your roof, you are not getting the same level of protection you once were. Once your shingles start to curl up, they generally start to crack as well. When this happens, water can easily make its way down through your roof.

Your Shingles Are Falling Off Your Roof

Occasionally, a shingle may get loose. However, if you start to notice multiple shingles are loose or have come off your roof, your shingles probably need to be upgraded. Your shingles come loose from your roof when the staples or nails holding them in place no longer do their job or when the shingles are so degraded, the nails can't hold them in place.

Your Shingles Are Missing Granules

Finally, inspect the quality of granules on your shingles. The granules are the little specks or materials on your shingles. If there are lots of missing granules on your shingles, they are starting to get worn out.

By just paying attention to how the shingles look on your roof, you may be able to determine on your own without an inspection if the shingles on your roof are going to need to be replaced soon. If you notice one or more of the warning signs above, you probably need to start looking into replacing the shingles on your roof soon. For assistance, talk to a professional like Sky City Roofing.