Repairing My Roof

How To Strip The Shingles From Your Roof

If the shingles on your roof need to be removed, you can save yourself a little money on getting a roof by stripping the shingles yourself.

Prep Work Before Removing Your Shingles

Before you begin removing the shingles, you need to do a little bit of prep work. You are going to want to call up your local waste management company and rent a dumpster to throw all the old shingles in. 

You are also going to want to put tarps or plastic sheets over any area where you will be throwing shingles down to the ground so the debris does not end up damaging your flower beds. If you can't get the dumpster close to your house, you'll want to lay down a tarp to throw the shingles on.

If your roof is really steep, you may want to install roof jacks. Roof jacks are fastened to your roof where your rafters are located. They can be used to support a long board in place in order to provide you with scaffolding while working on your roof.

The Shingle Removal Process

You should start working at the side of your roof that is farther away from your trash container, and work your way closer to your trash container as you progress with your roof. Start at the top, or peak, of your roof. You can either use metal garden fork if you have one lying around. Or you can purchase a special roofing shovel for the job. If you can afford it, the roofing shovel is the best of the two options as it allows you to pull the nails out with the shingles and work quickly.

Take the roofing shovel, starting at the peak of your roof, and wedge it under the shingles. You'll need to first remove the ridge cap that runs across the top of your roof. Then you'll need to remove the first layer of shingles closest to the ridge cap.

Then, make your way down the roof, tearing the shingles off as you go. Let the shingles slide down and come to a rest on the roofing jacks you installed.  That way, you can deal with throwing the shingles off your roof all at once. Or, you can grab the shingles as they come loose and throw the shingles either into the dumpster you rented or onto a tarp below you.

Remove the shingles on your roof in small sections as you make your way down your roof. Do not try to remove huge sections all at once. When the sections are small enough, they will kind of ball up and be easier for you to handle. Roofing can be really heavy, which is why removing small sections at a time works best.

Pay attention to how sturdy your roof is. If there are any soft spots, you'll want to avoid stepping there. Soft spots could mean that the sheathing is rotted, and if you put too much pressure on a soft spot, you may break through your roof and cause additional damage.

You should be able to slowly work all the shingles off your roof. If you remove the shingles on your own, you should be able to reduce your bill. Just remember to take your time, and work as safely as possible. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Standard Roofing Corp roof repairs.