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Four Benefits Of A Wooden Amish Roof

These days, there are so many different roofing options that it can be hard to choose one. From upscale shingles, to metal, to traditional slate, each material has its place and its advantages. However, the newest and most advanced option is not always the best. Old-fashioned wooden roofs, which are often built by the Amish, may not be the fanciest choice -- but they offer a number of benefits to homeowners.

Wooden roofs are earth-friendly.

Many newer roofing materials must be manufactured in a large plant, often using synthetic materials. This process often produces air pollution, and when the roofing materials reach the end of their serviceable life, they are sent to landfills where they may continue to leech toxins into the soil. Wooden roofing materials -- in particular those made by the Amish -- are produced using traditional methods and in small shops. There are no synthetic plastics involved, and when your roof needs to be removed, the wooden shingles will compost naturally, adding nutrients to the soil rather than polluting it.

Wooden roofs have a great insulating capacity.

With most roofing materials, like metal and asphalt shingles, you need to add a thick layer of insulation underneath the roof to prevent too much heat from escaping. While you can still add insulation underneath roofing shingles, you won't need as much. That's because wood is naturally a good insulator. It prevents too much heat from escaping during the winter, and in the summer, it helps block the heat of the sun so your home stays cooler.

Wooden roofs do well in stormy weather.

If you live in an area where there are a lot of storms with high winds and wind-driven rain, then a wooden roof is the perfect choice. Wooden shingles don't easily lift and let in wind-driven rain as asphalt shingle roofs sometimes can. They are also heavy enough to stay anchored on the roof when high winds blow in. 

Wooden roofs have a rustic, natural appeal.

For cabin-style homes, cottages, and country-style homes, there's no better choice than a wooden roof. Other roofing materials simply don't look as natural and balanced with these architectural styles. While there are metal roofs made to resemble wooden shingles, you can tell the difference if you get close.

To learn more about the benefits of wooden roofing, reach out to a contractor in your area who specializes in building wooden roofs.