Repairing My Roof

Hail, No! Hail Prevention For Your Roof

Hail can cause some serious damage to your roof, especially if the hail pellets are really large and/or shingles on your roof are loose. Rather than file an insurance claim for hail damage that drives up your rates or risk water damage on your home later, you can prevent hail damage. The first step in hail damage roof repair is to get a roofing contractor to evaluate your roof before you apply any preventive measures. Then try one or more of the following.

Plant Fast-Growing Trees on the Side Where Hail Hits Hardest

If the roofer gets up on your roof and says that the hail seems to be hitting certain sides the hardest, you can cut way back on the damage here by planting trees. To be more specific, you need some fast-growing and extremely tall trees, such as box elder or dawn redwood. In a single season, these types of trees can reach above the mid-line of your roof. When they are that high, they block the hail as it comes in, flinging it back and down. Only a small amount of hail, or softball-sized hail, can make it through the trees.

Use Inflatable Car Covers Meant for Hail Protection

You can buy hail protection for your vehicles that self-inflates. These odd covers create a balloon off of which the hail bounces, therefore never touching your car. Sure, it is a little kooky, but if you know in advance that hail is coming, you could secure a few of these inflated hail covers to your roof. Then, watch the hail bounce off your roof instead of smack into it.

Overhaul Your Roof

Finally, if you cannot stand the idea of repairing your roof after every hail storm, and you do not want to add trees or other products to your property, overhaul the roof. If you convert to an all-metal roof, you never have to worry about hail damage again. Sure, hail might eventually put a few small dings in the metal roof, but that is the very limit of the damage it could cause. Metal roofs are designed to last a lifetime, so converting to a metal roof now means you never have to replace your roof ever again. The total lack of maintenance and repairs is well worth the cost to convert to the metal roof, too. Ask your roofing contractor about this roofing project and conversion process. Click here to learn more about hail damage roof repair.