Repairing My Roof

Want A Roof That Will Last? 3 Options To Consider

Does it feel like it has not been very long since you last replaced your asphalt roof, and now it needs to be replaced again? You may be looking for an alternative material that will last a long time before needing to be replaced. Here are 3 roofing materials to consider that will be more durable than asphalt shingles.

Metal Roof

A metal roof is not just reserved for sheds and barns. This material can be used to minimize how often you need to replace your roofing material. If properly maintained, you can get as many as 60 years out of a metal roof before it needs replacement.

While the extended lifespan is a great benefit of metal roofing, you'll find that the material also helps reduce your home's energy consumption. This is only possible due to the reflective property of metal roofing material, which will reflect the rays from the sun rather than absorb them. You will not have the same type of heat transfer found with asphalt shingles, which results in lower energy bills in the summer when you run your air conditioning.

Green Roof

There are several benefits of switching to a green roof that uses living vegetation instead of traditional roofing materials. In addition to having an increased lifespan compared to asphalt shingles,the layer of vegetation, soil, and waterproof membrane will prevent the roof from being damaged due to extreme temperatures. This will result in you not needing to repair the roof as often because it will not be affected by the elements like other roofing materials.

A green roof can also provide you with a rooftop garden as well. While you need a flat roof to really take advantage of a rooftop garden, it is something to consider if your home is built for it. The vegetation also improves air quality and gives additional insulation to reduce energy usage.

Slate Roof

Many historical homes still have their original slate roofs on them. This should be an immediate indication that slate is a high-quality roofing material that can outlast the time you'll be in the home. You'll easily get 100 years o rmore out of the material due to its durability.

Slate is relatively maintenance free and is more environmentally friendly than asphalt shingles. When a slate roof eventually needs to be removed, the material can be recycled rather than tossed into a landfill. This makes it a great material for those that are environmentally conscious.