Repairing My Roof

Things That A Bad Roof Might Need

A roof is a part of a house that can produce a lot of probems when it isn't in good shape. The reason why is because it is the main area that creates a barrier between the interior of a house and outside elements. A bad roof can also make it risky to continue residing in a house until repairs can be made. If there is any air coming into your house through the roof, it is wise to get an inspection in case prompt repairs are needed. The information below will provide a general overview of things that a bad roof might need:

Seal Holes in the Deck

Holes in a roof deck is the easiest way for exterior air to get into your house. There are a few things that can cause holes to develop in the deck, such as deterioration from mold. if there are shingles missing from the deck, the areas that once contained nails also makes it possible for air to get in your house. Although nail holes are small, they can cause major air seepage problems when there are a lot of them. A roofer can seal all of the holes up to prevent water and air from seeping into them.

Replace Shingles

Each time that a shingle is removed by the wind, it is important for it to be promptly replaced. Shingles are not designed for only adding beauty to a roof. It is important for the shingles to remain in place so they can provide protection for the deck. The reason why is because once the deck has been exposed to outside elements on a regular basis, it can deteriorate in no time. Asphalt shingles are actually designed with granules in that helps with protecting the deck from ultraviolet radiation exposure.

New Deck Construction

In some cases, the only resolution to bad roof problems is to get a new one for your house. New construction is usually necessary when the deck has deteriorated to the point of no repairs being able to be done. For example, if the deck is soggy with a lot of holes in it, you are likely better off spending money on new construction. You might notice that water drips inside of your house when it rains, discolored bubbles in the ceiling, and excessive air coming through the roof when the deck is severely damaged and unable to be properly repaired.

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