Repairing My Roof

Have A Small Roof Leak At Your Work Building? What To Know Before It Costs You

If you have found a very small water leak in your commercial property and you aren't sure if it's something that will dry up and be fine, or if there is a lot of underlying damage, you want to get some help. You want to call the commercial roofing professionals to see what they think of the problem before it becomes a huge problem. If you choose to ignore the problem, this is what you could face as a business owner, and issues you may have to deal with that can be bigger and worse then what you have going on now.

Water-Related Hazards

Water can damage beyond what you see when you look at the roof. Not only does it weaken and ruin your roofing shingles and underlying materials, but it can also get into the wood or concrete structure and foundation of the building, making the property weak and dangerous. You want the roof repaired, and you want a thermal camera or moisture tester used throughout the walls and other building materials of the building.

Health Concerns and Conditions

If water got inside the building and there is a mold or mildew problem, this problem can spread throughout the space. These bacteria can cause the following issues for those inside the space:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Pulmonary infections
  • Sinus complications
  • Asthmatic problems

These are just some of the common health complicated related to mold, you could end up with other problems.

More Costly Expenses

The longer the problem exists the more time there is for something to go wrong and the more likely it is that you will end up with more damage repair costs. Keep the damages limited to what is there now because of the water, and don't risk having to pay more when you do decide to get the water problem inspected. Repairing the damages now is a great way to maintain the value of the building.

You want to call a commercial roofing repair and restoration company to see what needs to be done to the roof, and what damages are done to the frame and structure of the building. You may also need to do some work on the building and may need an additional building contractor to come in to do an examination of the water damage if it goes beyond what the roofing company can and will do when they are repairing the roof.

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