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3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Gutters This Fall

Fall is the perfect time of year to spend a little time taking care of your gutters. This fall, you should clean the debris out of your gutters, rinse them out and install a gutter guard system over your gutters.

#1 Clean Out The Debris

The first thing you need to do is clean out all of the debris that has accumulated in your gutters. You may want to do this more near the end of fall when the leaves have come off most of the trees in your area. Leaves are generally one of the biggest culprits that end up in your gutters.

When you clean out your gutters, make sure that you place your ladder somewhere sturdy. If your ladder has a hook on the top step, use that to hang up a bucket. Use a small gardening shovel to easily scoop the debris out of your gutters and put it in the bucket. Empty the bucket into your compost pile when it is about half-way full.

#2 Rinse Out Your Gutters

After you remove all the big debris from your gutters, there is still probably lots of little debris that was left behind. You want to get rid of this little debris as well. The best way to get rid of all this little debris is by rinsing out your gutters. You can do this will a regular garden hose or with a pressure washer. Start at the far end of your gutters, away from the downspout, and spray the water towards the downspout.

The added advantage of rinsing out your gutters is that it will give you a chance to make sure that everything is working properly. If you identify any holes in your gutter system or loose seams, you can patch them up. If water isn't flowing through your downspout, you will need to unclog your downspout, using similar products and techniques that you would use to unclog a drain.

#3 Install Gutter Guards

If you want to make next year's fall clean-up go a little faster, you can install gutter guards on your gutters. Gutter guards are a great way to keep leaves and other debris out of your gutters, while still allowing water to easily flow through your gutter and into your drainage system.

This fall, take some time to clean all the debris out of your gutters and rinse out your gutters. Fix any leaks or drainage issues that you find. Then, consider hiring a roofing contractor to install some gutter guards to make your job a little easier next fall. To learn more, contact a company like Mid-Miami Roofing, Inc.