Repairing My Roof

A Few Ways To Save Money On New Roof Installation

If your roof is leaking in many places or appears to be warped, it is probably time to replace it. When you talk with a roofing company, you may be surprised at the cost of new roof installation. Luckily, there are a few ways you can save money on the job. Here are a few things you can do reduce the cost:

Remove the Roofing Materials Yourself

If the roof is not falling and unsafe, and you are not afraid to get up there, you can remove the roofing materials yourself. This would include any shingles, tiles, rolled roofing, or metal sheets. Do not mess with the structure of the roof itself as that will leave your home open to the elements until the roofing company gets there to do the rest of the work.

Have the Work Done During the Off Season

Unless the situation is extremely dangerous or the inside of your home and your belongings are being damaged because of the bad roof, ask the roofing company when their slow time is. Then ask what kind of discount they will offer if the work is done during that season. If they do not offer a discount talk with a different company. Of course, you may find the first company will be more willing to give a price break if they know you will take your business elsewhere.

Reuse Flashing and Other Parts

While the roof may need replacing, some of the flashing and other metal parts may be reusable. Discuss this with the technician who comes out to give the estimate. A reputable company will look at the different pieces and tell you if it is possible to reuse them. While you may not be able to use all the pieces again, even reusing some of them will save you money.


It is important that you do a bit of research on the different roofing companies in your area. Ask for references and make sure to talk to these people. Ask if they needed to have further work done after the roof was installed. Some of the cost of new roof installation will be paying to have things redone or modified within the first year of the completion of the job. Always ask for a guarantee that covers the materials and the labor for the complete job.

Having a bad roof is frustrating. Not only will it be uncomfortable inside when it is raining or snowing, but you will also have to move any belongings that would get damaged by the moisture in the house. Talk with a few roofing companies to get the best deal possible and then make plans to get the roofing off before the professionals show up.