Repairing My Roof

The Beauty Of Spray Foam Roofs

Flat roofs often need to be repaired more often than any other styles  of roof. This is usually due to the fact that water can stand on a flat roof, and cause serious deterioration if it is not properly drained. Because of this, it is absolutely essential that your flat roof is protected by a waterproof material. There are obviously an endless amount of roofing materials that can be used to cover a flat roof. Of course, some products are more stylish than others, and some materials are more durable and practical than others. When it comes to flat roofs, practicality and durability should be your main priority. This is particularly true if your flat roof isn't even visible.

Obviously, most flat roofs can't be seen from the ground. If you don't really care how your roof looks, you can find some very affordable and durable options. This article explains why spray foam roofing is great for such circumstances.

Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam roofing is perfect for properties where it doesn't really matter what your roof looks like. That being said, a spray foam roof is not going to make your roof look ugly, sloppy, or out of style. In fact, spray foam dries to be hard, if just a slight bit rubbery. The surface is smooth, kind of like plaster. Most importantly, it can be painted with normal exterior paint. This means that you can paint your flat roof any color after you spray it with foam. Spray foam roofs will paint up much better than raw concrete or wooden roofs. While spray foam roof might not be as stylish as asphalt tiles, or natural stone shingles, it is going to be a far more durable and practical material to own.

Professional Application

To some homeowners, especially ambition ones who want to do their own remodels, the main drawback to spray foam roofs is that they can't really be applied by the homeowner. That is, you need to hire a professional spray foam roof specialist to do the work. The specialist will basically use a special compressor and spraying system that enables them to coat your roof in the foam very quickly. In fact, the actual application of the foam goes by very quickly, and will only be a small part of the overall labor time. There is a lot of prep work and clean up that needs to be done, but the labor cost are still going to be comparatively small next to the labor costs of installing a stone or tile roofing material.  

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