Repairing My Roof

Did A Tree Fall On Your Roof? 3 Tips To Prepare For A Roof Replacement

Many kinds of roof damage are easily repaired, but a tree falling on your roof typically results in damage that requires a total replacement. The good news is that a professionally installed roof should last for many years, but you may still be worried about how you will get through the process of having a crew of people working on your roof. Today, roofing jobs are done as quickly as possible, and the company you choose should take measures to keep things clean. As the day of your roof replacement draws near, use these three tips to prepare.

1. Help Establish a Safe Work Environment

Once you schedule the replacement, ask your roofing contractor what to expect on the big day. Typically, roofing crews have the shingles delivered a few hours or a day before they begin the work, and they will likely have a dumpster dropped off so that they can easily dispose of the old roofing materials. Help the crew out by making sure that there is a safe place to put the dumpster, and you can also make arrangements to keep your kids or pets away from the worksite while the roofing crew is active.

2. Protect Fragile Items Inside the Home

Roofing companies take care to only use as much force as necessary to pull up the old roof and place the new one. However, there could be a significant amount of pounding and scraping that occurs during the process, and this can sometimes lead to movement of the ceiling. Consider removing any fragile items from the wall and ceiling that could potentially be knocked down due to the slight vibrations. For instance, taking down wall art and chandeliers temporarily gives you peace of mind that they are safe until the roofing work is complete.

3. Do Some Outdoor Maintenance

Roof replacement services usually begin with a tear off of the former roof. Although the crew is careful to make sure the debris makes it into the dumpster, there is always a possibility that some may still fall around the perimeter of the house. Move breakable items such as ceramic pottery and outdoor furniture at least 20 feet away from the home. Then, mow the lawn a day before the roofing job starts since shorter grass makes it easier for the crew to spot debris when the clean at the end of the day.

While having a tree fall on your roof is never good, you can turn this unfortunate situation into an opportunity to replace the old materials with new ones that add more protection than there was before. By knowing how to prepare for the roof replacement, you can welcome the crew to your house with confidence that everything is in place for a successful project.