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Will Foundation Trouble Be Covered By Homeowner's Insurance?

If you are like every other responsible homeowner, you will have insurance on your home to ensure that when something goes wrong, you will not have to come up with a ton of money to fix it. Foundation problems can be one major concern for homeowners, and the expense of making repairs can be a lot to handle if it is something you were not expecting. Therefore, your first question when you spot signs of foundation trouble will likely be: Are foundation cracks covered by homeowner's insurance? Here are a few things you should know about foundation repair and homeowner's insurance. 

Not all homeowner's insurance covers foundation problems

Your first plan of action when you see that your foundation is damaged should always be to contact your insurance agent to find out what is covered by your policy. Of course, having an estimate on hand from a foundation repair company will help if you need to go ahead and file a claim, but this is not a necessity until you find out if your insurance company will actually be part of getting money to make the repairs that are needed. 

The coverage may depend on what caused the foundation trouble

Many different factors can cause foundation trouble, and those factors may be what is listed on your policy as something that would be covered if they cause damage. For example:

  • Your foundation may shift due to local flooding 
  • Your foundation may crack due to ground disturbance from an earthquake
  • Excessive force may damage your foundation during a wind storm

If you have these types of homeowner's insurance coverage listed in your policy, the damage to your foundation will likely be covered. 

Your homeowner's insurance policy may only cover specific types of foundation problems

In some situations, it will not be necessarily what caused the foundation trouble; but instead, it may be what type of damage is present. For example, your homeowner's insurance policy may cover things like basement foundation trouble, but it may not cover cracks in a solid or block foundation or crumble at certain points of the foundation. It is a good idea to have a foundation repair expert take a look at the damage and give you a detailed rundown of the type of damage present before you try to file a claim, so you can make sure your policy covers the damage. 

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