Repairing My Roof

Repair Or Replace: 3 Things To Look For On Your Roof

Are you concerned about the state of your roof? Do you suspect that it has a leak but aren't sure whether the roof needs to be replaced or if it can simply be repaired? While your whole roof will need to be replaced eventually, a leak doesn't necessarily mean that today is the day to do that.

A roof can have a number of different issues, some of which will merit a full replacement and others which will be remedied with a roofing repair patch. While waiting for someone to arrive to give you a professional assessment, you can go out and check your own roof to try to gauge whether repair or full replacement is going to be needed. Some things that you can look for include the following. 

1. Damaged gutters: If you've been putting off fixing or cleaning out your home's gutters, this could be the source of your leak. Depending on the nature of the damage or where the clog is located, this can result in water being unable to properly run off of the roof and backing up under your shingles. Having this happen once or twice may not be much of an issue, but having it happen for multiple storms can quickly lead to damage that needs a roofing repair expert in order for it to be eliminated. Ignoring it for too long can result in your roof starting to rot and needing to be completely replaced.

2. Uneven shingles: There are textured shingles that give your roof a naturally uneven sort of look, but the individual shingles themselves still lie flat. This is fine and doesn't indicate a problem. However, shingles that are no longer flat and are instead starting to curl are a sure sign that some sort of roofing repair is going to be needed. When the curling is confined to a small area, you can simply have the shingles in that area replaced, and you should be fine. But when the shingles on more than around a quarter of the roof have started to curl, it may make more sense financially to simply replace all of the shingles at once.

3. Sagging roof: A sagging roof can start out subtly at first and may not get noticed until a serious leak results. In most instances, a sag is a serious indication that something is amiss with your roof as a whole. If you see any sagging portions of your roof, it's likely that you're no longer eligible for a simple roofing repair and must now contend with having to replace not just the shingles but also portions of the sub-roof. The longer you wait to do this, the more of the roof will need to be replaced and the more it will cost you. Because of this, any sags should be checked out and fixed by a professional immediately even if there is no active leak yet.

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