Repairing My Roof

Different Ways To Add Texture And Style To Your Roof

If you are going to install a roofing tile, shingle, or shake, you have to look beyond the individual tile and the material it is made out of. That is, you have to look at how the product looks once it is installed on your roof, not just how the individual pieces look. The fact of the matter is, shape and texture of the tile will greatly influence the finished look. So, you need to look beyond just the color and material. This article explains how a few different products and features can make your roof look more dynamic.

Shaped Tiles

If you want something is a little more stylish, you should definitely look for shaped tiles. French, double Roman, Spanish, and Italian tiles are the most popular shaped products. Each of these products has its own unique shape that creates a three-dimensional pattern on your roof.

These products are all examples of uniform tiles. The individual tiles are all the same size, meaning that the rows form straight horizontal lines and vertical channels.

Staggered Tiles

Some people like the more random look of staggered products. Staggerer tiles are those that are sold in different sizes. Some pieces are slightly shorter or longer (or wider and thinner) than tile next to it. All of the pieces have the same installation point, so they have the same structural integrity as uniform tiles. The rows look a little random, with naturally wavy lines.  This is definitely a more rustic look.  

Raised Front Edges

The next thing you should look at is the front edge of the tile. Tiles that have raised front edges should only be used on roofs with steep pitches. The angle of the tile will reduce the angle of your roof. So, you need to make sure that your pitch is steep enough to allow water to drain off of it.

Trim Pieces

The trim and cap pieces can be one of the most be the most noticeable features of your roof. Some people will install caps that are actually a different color or shape than the rest of their tiles. This is not the most common look, but some people like it because it adds some definition to the roof lines.

If you currently have a flat tile roof, like asphalt or metal sheeting, you will definitely appreciate installing a shaped product and making your roof a little more unique. For more information on roof coating, contact your local roofers.