Repairing My Roof

Understanding The Different Types Of Roofing Projects

Dealing with residential or commercial roofing work is a job that most people will give to a professional. There are several different types of projects in the roofing industry, and it's wise to know what distinguishes one from the others.

Roof Repair Work 

When an isolated part of a building is causing trouble, usually a crack letting water into the structure below a roof, repairing the localized issue may be the simplest solution. Roof repair services providers can deal with challenges in an array of ways, including putting rubber patches over large holes, filling cracks with epoxy, or using a combination of tar and gravel to seal a roof. In a few instances, it may be worthwhile to cut out a section of the roof to replace underlying materials.


The term reroofing can seem a little ambiguous, but it's actually one of the most basic ideas in the industry. Commercial and residential roofers handle reroofing jobs, although their approaches are somewhat different. Residential roofers typically use shingles or other covering materials to create the outer layer of a roof, and they simply add shingles on top when reroofing. Commercial roofing services providers deal with flatter roofs and use tar or rubber materials to cover larger areas.

Reroofing is a cost-effective choice, but it can only be used between three to six times in a row before a replacement must be performed. This is due to the accumulation of extra weight when more materials are put on top of the existing ones.

Roof Replacement Projects

A roof replacement effort is one of the more involved tasks in the roofing services business. At a minimum, the job calls for tearing out all the layers down to the decking. An inspection should then be conducted to see if the decking and supporting structures beneath are in good shape. If the underlying structure is compromised, usually due to rotting wood in residential roofing and crumbling concrete or metal in commercial roofing, then a whole new structure may have to be installed before new materials can be added.

Commercial vs. Residential Roofing

Residential roofs are often more sloped than commercial ones. Commercial roofing projects tend to cover large surfaces, and such expansive areas tend to prohibit the use of aggressively sloped designs, making flat roofing the most common choice. Consequently, a commercial firm tends to employ more people and bring more equipment to each job.