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5 Simple Siding Materials That Work For Any Tiny House Lovers

The tiny house movement is picking up steam in the United States. While it has always been percolating in the fringes since the early 1970s, the tiny house movement has drawn more national attention as both families hurt by the Recession and Millennials looking to have less of a carbon footprint were both drawn to the idea of downsizing – extreme downsizing.

Tiny houses are anything less than 1,000 square feet, preferably less than 500 square feet. There are even micro homes that are less than 200 hundred square feet. They can be mobile and pulled behind a vehicle like a trailer, or they can be permanently attached to a foundation.

Just as shapes, sizes, and location of tiny houses can vary, so can the exterior cladding. From a design perspective, the exterior of a tiny house can be traditional, modern, and everything in between.

1. Vinyl Siding: Using typical, horizontal vinyl siding as exterior cladding makes a tiny home look more traditional. It is also a trusty choice as vinyl siding can withstand damage from hail, won't fade in the sun's UV rays, and can stand up to the rigors of life on the road.

2. T 1-11: This vertical siding is made from inexpensive wood panels and is extremely easy to install. The 4 x 8 sheets cut with a simple circular saw and just nail directly to the side of your home. The versatile vertical lines can create a farmhouse look or a modern aesthetic.

3. Cedar Shakes: Although slightly more expensive, cedar shakes create a timeless look on the exterior of a home. Reminiscent of coastal homes from a time gone by, cedar shakes are an easy DIY project for tiny home owners as well.

4. Reclaimed Lumber: The eco-friendliest way to cover the exterior of a tiny home is to use reclaimed lumber salvaged from an old home or barn. The planks can be cleaned up lightly, just enough to make them re-usable, but not enough to remove the years-old patina.

5. Corrugated Metal: For those interested in a sleek, modern style, corrugated metal sheets can be applied instead of vinyl or wood. The result is a pared-down, simple design element. The sheets can be sealed so the shiny metal lasts, or they can be allowed to age. The choice is yours.

When choosing a tiny home, know that you have just as many, if not more choices, for your home's exterior than if you were building a full-size home. Contact your local home siding replacement company today to learn more.