Repairing My Roof

Three Reasons Why A Collapsed Commercial Roof Is Such A Big Deal

A leaking commercial roof on your giant retail store may not seem like much, especially if customers cannot see it leaking. However, if left unrepaired, the roof will gradually decline into a state of disrepair, and then the problems you will have will be far worse than any commercial roof repair bill. Here are three reasons why a collapsed commercial roof is such a big deal. 

Major Danger to Consumers

When a commercial roof continues to leak until it gives way to collapse, it is a major danger to consumers. Even if you escape dozens of injuries from parts of the roof not landing on people, the roof continues to pose a major risk to the health and safety of your store's customers. Pieces of it will continue to buckle and fall inward until a giant hole is left over their (and your) heads. A small hole is enough to warrant a visit from a state health and safety inspector, something else you definitely do not want. 

Exposure to the Elements and a Flooded Store

Your store is essentially one giant brick-walled box. If you had a flood, it would fill the whole of the interior of the store, and the water would just stay until it could be pumped out or it evaporated. Now, you have a hole in the ceiling of the store/roof, which means that the store is left exposed to all of the elements, including rain, sleet, and snow. That will quickly fill the store and make the floor very dangerous and slippery. If you do not have weekend hours of operation for your store, you could come back to a store on Monday morning that is utterly flooded. It becomes water damage and a ton of product loss, which may not be covered by your business insurance. 


Bugs, rodents, bats, and birds; all of these would find their way into your store from the partially collapsed roof. The infestation would contaminate thousands of dollars of food products that could not be sold to the public because of health concerns. All of it would have to be thrown away, and then you would have to pay for commercial roof repairs, pest control services, and emergency garbage collection services, all for a hole in the roof that started as a leak and could have been repaired a lot sooner. Do not let this happen to your store; repair the roof today. 

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