Repairing My Roof

Critical Signs That Indicate It Is Time For A Total Roof Replacement

The roof on your home is essential to your home's value, structural integrity, and safety. You cannot allow it to fall into disrepair if you want to keep your home well protected from the elements. However, you may not be sure of when to decide to invest in a total home roof replacement. These signs tell you when you should hire a roof replacement service to work on your home. 


If you see moss growing on your rooftop, you can take this as a sign that it is at the point of needing to be replaced. Moss grows because of moisture and water getting on and beneath your shingles. It can quickly eat away at your shingles, spread below to your insulation and tar paper, and compromise the structural integrity of your entire roof.

Rather than allow moss to grow unabated, you can invest in a roof replacement for your home. A roof replacement service will tear away moss-infested shingles, remove wet insulation, and tar paper and dry out the surface of your roof. They will then put on new, durable shingles that will be free from moss growth.

Noticeable Damages

When you can see noticeable damages on your roof, you can take them as signs that you need to get a new roof replacement. A roof replacement service can do more than just repair the damages. It can put on a brand new roof that will offer you the structural integrity, appearance, and function that you expect a reliable roof to provide.

Rather than merely patch up damages like holes, cracks, and tears, you can get rid of them entirely by opting for a roof replacement. You get the peace of mind that your new roof will function for years before you must have it maintained or repaired.

Damage from Disasters

Finally, if your roof was damaged in a fire or because of a storm, you should have a professional roof replacement service replace it. If you have the roof patched, you can never be sure of its structural integrity. Moreover, your insurer may refuse to insure it. By having a new roof put on after a disaster, you can have the roof insured and know that it is structurally sound and reliable.

These signs alert you to needing a roof replacement. You can hire a roof replacement service to install it for you. Contact a roof replacement service for more information.