Repairing My Roof

Roof Repairs Your Home May Need After Termite Damage

You may not give much thought to termites damaging your roof. While you may know termites are a threat to your home, you might think they stay close to the ground since they live under the ground and move through mud tunnels.

The termites that live underground are subterranean termites. They can even invade your roof. And don't forget that dry-wood termites are also a threat. Here's how to spot termite damage in your home and the roof repairs your home could need.

Signs Of Termite Damage On Your Roof

Termite damage is easier to see from inside your attic. It might look like the rafters are rotting away due to the destruction caused by termites. Termites can also eat away at the deck of your roof, and that could make your roof sag.

Besides seeing physical damage, you might also see termite bodies in your attic and piles of droppings or wood shavings. If you suspect you have termites, you should take action right away. Roof damage could become so severe that part of your roof collapses.

Treatments Are Necessary Before Repairs

Call a pest control professional before you call a roofer. The termites have to be eliminated before the new roofing materials are installed. However, if your roof seems unstable or has a dangerous sag, you may need to call a roofer to stabilize the roof until you've eliminated the termites and full repairs can be done.

Repairs Could Be Extensive

Depending on how quickly you discovered the termites, your roof could need extensive repairs. Even if the damage seems bad, the roofer might be able to make repairs and save you the expense of a new roof.

The roofer may have to replace or support damaged rafters. If the deck is damaged too, the shingles and underlayment have to be removed so the deck can be cut out and replaced in the damaged areas. Once the deck is replaced, new underlayment and shingles are put on.

Your roof has boards along the bottom called the fascia and soffit boards. If these are rotted as well, they may need to be replaced. The goal with termite roof repair is to remove all the damaged wood and replace it with new wood so your home has an improved appearance and so your roof is structurally sound.

Once you've found termites on your roof and seen the damage they cause, you'll probably want to check your roof regularly to keep an eye out for further damage. Just going to your attic a couple of times a year to look for signs of damage will help you spot problems with your roof so you can call a roofer for roof repairs before termites or leaks get out of control again.