Is A Cool Roof Coating The Answer To Your Business's Energy Needs?

If you find yourself constantly struggling to keep your commercial or manufacturing building cool during the summer months, you may be wondering whether there are any structural changes you can make to reduce your energy consumption and cut costs during the hottest times of year. With more and more companies seeking alternative ways to reduce their reliance on air conditioning systems, the "cool roof" has made a comeback. Today, many businesses rely on tried-and-true heat reduction methods to cool their buildings from the outside in. [Read More]

Three Ways To Save Money On A New Roof

A new roof is a necessary investment when yours begins to reach the end of its useful life. Putting off the inevitable can prove bad economics, since leaks can damage underlying structures or lead to costly mold or water damage in the home. If you are considering an asphalt roof, there are several ways you can save, though. The following guide can help. Tip #1: Be open about shingle design and color [Read More]

3 Gutter Improvements That Help You Save And Save Your Home From Repairs

There are a lot of improvements that can add value to your home, and one is having gutters installed. Gutters also have improvements that add value and help save you money, such as having rain collection systems installed. Here are a few of the best gutter improvements that you will want to add to your home: 1. Gutter Guards That Shed Debris and Water Gutter guards are a multi-purpose improvement to your gutters. [Read More]

Hail, No! Hail Prevention For Your Roof

Hail can cause some serious damage to your roof, especially if the hail pellets are really large and/or shingles on your roof are loose. Rather than file an insurance claim for hail damage that drives up your rates or risk water damage on your home later, you can prevent hail damage. The first step in hail damage roof repair is to get a roofing contractor to evaluate your roof before you apply any preventive measures. [Read More]