Why You Should Have Your Roof Inspected

How often do you get up on your roof and inspect it? Most people never do any inspections or repairs to the roof until something major happens, like leaking inside their home. Obviously, it can be hard to inspect your roof, especially since parts of it can't even be seen from the ground. While it is advisable to climb up on your roof and take a close look at it at least once a year, most homeowners never do it obviously, you can be hard to inspect your roof, especially since parts of it can't even be seen from the ground. [Read More]

4 Projects That Will Greatly Improve Your Home's Exterior

As a homeowner, if you're unhappy with your home's exterior appearance, it may be time to consider making some changes. While the idea of home projects can sound daunting at first, there are some projects that are easier than you think. They can greatly improve your home's appearance so you feel more pride. Here are some projects that will greatly alter the look and feel of the exterior of your home: [Read More]

How Granule Loss Affects Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

Granule loss is an all-too-common phenomenon on asphalt roofs. Granule loss often offers as a natural consequence of strong winds, heavy rainfall, and constant sun exposure. Even the foot traffic caused by your roofers during routine maintenance and inspection can dislodge granules. While granule loss is a natural part of your asphalt roof's aging process, the impact it has on your roof's longevity, appearance and protection against severe weather can't be ignored. [Read More]

Did A Tree Fall On Your Roof? 3 Tips To Prepare For A Roof Replacement

Many kinds of roof damage are easily repaired, but a tree falling on your roof typically results in damage that requires a total replacement. The good news is that a professionally installed roof should last for many years, but you may still be worried about how you will get through the process of having a crew of people working on your roof. Today, roofing jobs are done as quickly as possible, and the company you choose should take measures to keep things clean. [Read More]